Berlin train stations Grunewald and Westhafen used to serve the Nazis-Regime as stations from where jews and others were deported to ghettos and concentration camps.
Both now have mermorial sites (Gleis 17/Grunewald 1, Gleis 17/Grunewald 2)(Westhafen), though those don’t have the importance in Berlin they should have, since they are located rather far away from the city center. Only interested people will eventually become aware of and will visit those sites. Our aim is to create sensational moments in order to evoke a concioussnes for the history of deportations and for the existant memorial sites.

Sonderzug Destination Sonderzug Ghost Train Sonderzug Ghost Train Detail Sonderzug Next Stop

Realized with Gunnar Green and Frederic Eyl
Sonderzug is a The Green Eyl project.